How do I enable Bukkit for my server?

From the Control Panel link at the top right of the website, select the Control Panel link titled “Auto Installers.” You will have two options, Bukkit Essentials, or Craftbukkit.

Bukkit Essentials comes with the default settings to protect your world, including the Essentials package along with GroupManager.

Craftbukkit is only the Bukkit plugin, with no default plugins installed.

If the version of Bukkit you would like to use is not on the list available from the Auto Installers, you can manually enable Bukkit by performing the following steps:

  1. Obtain the build of Bukkit you would like to use (download this .jar file to your computer)
  2. Upload this .jar file to the root of your Minecraft FTP server
  3. From the Server Control area of the control panel you need to choose the .jar file you just uploaded from the list below this text: “To have a plugin run instead of the default Minecraft executable, you can use the following form. ” Click change .jar file once you have made the selection. You will want to make sure the version of Minecraft is the same version supported by your Bukkit build, you can choose this below where you made the previous selection.
  4. Once you have done these steps, restart your server from the top of the same page you have been working on. Bukkit should now be running!

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